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Multi-Talented Joseph Black Releases “Always & Forever” Video

The rising Duluth, Minnesota, singer, rapper, and producer Joseph Black returns with a visual for his lovesick single, “Always & Forever,” depicting a vivid moment of betrayal.

Inspired by American filmmaker Wes Anderson known for his symmetry, eccentricity and distinctive narrative style, the visual opens up with a dirty run-down apartment that reveals a lonely Joseph drinking intercut with a montage of blurry film. Black bravely gives viewers a glimpse into the life of a hopeless romantic experiencing love lost while he stumbles around his apartment. The nakedly honest pop-rap track is the perfect soundtrack for this widely complex visual that effortlessly captures Joseph’s raw & emotional inner struggle to cope with betrayal. As the story continues to unfold, Joseph finds himself fully clothed and submerged underwater fighting to stay afloat – a visual eerily similar to the way Joseph feels inside.


“Always & Forever” is the follow-up to Black’s monumental viral breakthrough, “(i hope you) miss me,” and his most recent single, the powerful and affecting “Homesick.” The new track builds on Black’s ability to translate his personal pain into revelations anyone can relate to, which is quickly becoming one of the young star’s standout attributes. For those worried that a song as brilliant as “(i hope you) miss me” would be hard to follow, Joseph Black’s “Always & Forever” proves that the 21-year-old star is here to stay.


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