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Money B Says Tupac Was Bishop Before Juice Movie

Money B sets the record straight when it comes to Tupac Shakur and his iconic Bishop character in the movie Juice.

Since breaking onto the movie scene with his Bishop character in Juice, some had suggested Tupac became who he portrayed. Those close to Tupac beg to differ. Money B is one who not only helped Shakur get the role but also knew Tupac personally as the two were part of Digital Underground.

Appearing on Cam Capone News, Money B explains why Tupac didn’t turn into Bishop. “We was like bro you should come read, because this character remains us for you,” Money B recalls. “He was actually wilder before that. When he was young and I first met him, he was more Bishop than bishop. He actually got a little bit more mature and calmed down. So by the time he did Bishop he was recreating something he already had been.”

Money B Says Tupac Was Bishop Before Juice Movie

This wouldn’t be the first time Money B denounced any thought of a Tupac Turing into Bishop. Earlier this year Money B appeared on Heart of an Outlaw show where he again discussed the Bishop character.

“When I first read the script I kinda thought the Bishop character reminded me of ‘PAC. A lot of people believe that ‘Pac got the role and he started acting like Bishop. But in reality he had a lot of those qualities. So it was Tupac a great actor, but it was probably easy for him to draw emotions for that character because he could probably relate to it in such a way that it just brought it to life,” Money B said.


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