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Money B Says Tupac Had 7 Albums Completed In 1996

Speaking with Heart of an Outlaw Show, Money B revealed the last time he spoke to Tupac Shakur.

Money B, member of Digital Underground, was also featured on hits such as Brenda’s Got A Baby and I Get Around. Before Tupac becoming a star in the music industry, he toured with Digital Underground who eventually gave Tupac his biggest break when he appeared on the hit single Same Song.

Released in 1990, Same Song was featured on the Nothing But Trouble movie soundtrack. Visuals for the music video would become one of the most iconic moments in Tupac’s career as he is carried out in the video dressed as an African king.

Although Tupac would go on to succeed in the music industry as a solo artist, he never forgot those who contributed to his career. Unfortunately for Tupac he was hit with an alleged rape charge and sent to prison, until he was released by Suge Knight of Death Row records. With so much going on in Tupac’s life during his nine months with Death Row records, he and Digital Underground never got the chance to record music.

In his last conversation with Tupac, Money B recalls Shakur promising to feature Digital Underground on upcoming music. “We were in a club and he was just telling about all the music that he had coming in the pipeline,” Money B explained. “I was asking why I wasn’t on All Eyez On Me, but he said, ‘I did all that music quick. I did all this other stuff. I got more stuff, I’m definitely going to involve you guys’.”

Unfortunately Shakur was gunned down in Las Vegas and the rest is history. Money B also revealed Tupac saying he had 7 albums completed. Watch the clip below.


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