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Mike Tyson Influenced The Size Of Joe Rogan’s Podcast Table

Joe Rogan sits with Dave Chapelle and shares an untold story involving Mike Tyson influencing the size of his podcast table.

Back in 2021, Joe Rogan revealed a new look for his podcast. The well-lit, wood-paneled room with a new sign, still had one particular familiar piece of furniture. A Table. Initially Rogan had plans of creating a more intimate environment for him and his guests with a smaller table. But, that was until he interacted with Mike Tyson.

“Mike Tyson is the reason why this desk is this width,” said Rogan. “I had a smaller desk that I was planning on using for the new studio. This is the exact same width as the desk in my old place. The exact same one. And I had a small one. I was thinking maybe it would be better if I’m a little closer to the people.”

Mike Tyson Influenced The Size Of Joe Rogan's Podcast Table

But, that all changed when Rogan interviewed Mike Tyson. “I did two of them with Tyson. One when he was high when he was running Tyson’s ranch. He had a little bit of a belly. He was jolly. He was just high all the time and we had a wonderful conversation,” recalled Rogan, “Next time when he came in is when he’s preparing for the Roy Jones fight and he was jacked.”

Tyson and Jones’ exhibition boxing match took place back in 2020. The fight ended as a draw, but days leading up to the match, Tyson was in beast mode. At the time, 54-year-old Tyson ws doing whatever it took to get back into the ring. “I only eat elk and bison — wild stuff — and I’m starting to feel fit,” Tyson said on Rogan’s podcast two months prior to the match. “I realized the stuff that’s good for other people — like kale, vegetables and blueberries — for me is really poisonous…. Kale will kill me!”

Continuing his Tyson story with special guest Dave Chappelle, Rogan added, “He made me so nervous. Like he was so keyed up, you can tell he was ready to go! I was like no, f*** this small table.” Despite being intimidated by the boxing legend, Rogan went on to praise Tyson, calling him the “scholar of boxing.”


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