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Michelle Obama Says She Needs A “Little Tupac Right Now”

Appearing on the Tonght Show with Jimmy Fallon, former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama says Tupac has been on her playlist as of late.

When reflecting on former President Barack Obama’s appearance on the Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon recalled Barack stating he likes to sing around the house and asked Michelle what kind of music is Barack singing to. “Probably classic R&B. You know that’s what people our age listen to,” Michelle Obama said. “A little Marvin Gaye. A little Stylistics.”

Switching gears to what kind of music Michelle is currently listening to, the former first lady said she has been listening to Tupac lately. “I’m listening to a lot of Nina Simone and a little Miles, you know the Quintet. Depends on the mood,” Michelle Obama explains around the 4:01 mark. “Around dinner time I like some good Jazz, but then I’ve gotten back into Tupac lately. It kinda goes like that.”

Although Michelle is surprised she has been listening to Tupac as of late, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Shakur is on many top 5 dead or alive lists when it comes to Hip Hop and he’s catalog consist of many socially conscious and up lifting songs. Take “Changes” for example. During the 2020 protests, Shakur’s “Changes” became the anthem which was sung all across the world as many fought against police brutality.

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The hit single released back in 1998 would jump back into the iTunes Top 100 as high number 28. Featuring Talent, Changes quickly becoming a hit in 1998, as Tupac’s ‘Greatest Hits’ double album would reach Diamond status with over 10 million units sold. “Changes” which sampled Bruce Hornsby & The Range’s ‘The Way It Is’, also touched on social issues. The 1987 released hit referenced the Civil Rights Movement and showcased the divide between the rich and poor. All with the message that more is needed.

Tupac had his own experience with police brutality back on October of 1991, which was covered last year on MSNBC with Ari Melber in a segment titled “So Many Tears”. October 1991, in Oakland, California, a twenty-year-old Tupac Shakur was walking across the street on 17th and Broadway. It was at this time when he was approached by two police officers, who would accuse Shakur of jaywalking.

During the stop, the officers gave Tupac a hard time and ridiculed Shakur when he stated his name was Tupac. The officers would eventually bash Tupac’s face repeatedly to the ground, leaving him badly bruised and unconscious.

At the time Shakur had net yet released his debut album ‘2pacalypse Now’. An album which touched on social issues, racism, police brutality, and teenage pregnancy. With songs such as ‘Trapped’ and ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby’, Tupac would make his presence felt in the music industry that still lives on today.


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