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Meek Mill Is the Latest Rapper To Unfollow Gunna On Instagram

Months after supporting and calling for the release of the “Pushin P” rapper, Meek Mill unfollows Gunna on Instagram.

It appears Gunna is not being welcomed back into the industry as he had anticipated. Just 5 days after Gunna’s “I’m Back” post on Instagram garnered over 1 million likes, the rapper has lost some of his followers.

Starting with Young Thug‘s sister HiDoraah to top artists such as Lil Baby, who collaborated previously with Gunna before his arrest, to now Meek Mill who has also unfollowed Gunna.

Meek Mill
Meek Mill (Afro Nation Ghana)

Unfollowing isn’t the only backlash Gunna has received since he was released after accepting a plea deal. The rapper has been seemingly dissed by fellow YSL labelmate, Lil Gotit and recently Lil Durk. In a newly released snippet, Durk appears to take a shot at Gunna with the following bar, “What Happen to Virgil… he probably gon TELL.” Durk and Gunna both previously collaborated on the song “What Happened To Virgil,” leaving many to believe that Durkio was indeed throwing shade.

Meek Mill’s unfollowing Gunna comes months after the Philly rapper was in full support of the Atlanta artist. Back in October of 2022, Meek tweeted, “Free gunna asap💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎.” Meek also called for everyone involved in the case to be set free on bail, “Free thug … free gunna … free ysl … everybody deserves a bail!,” he tweeted back in June.

Meek Mill Is the Latest Rapper To Unfollow Gunna On Instagram

Gunna was able to come home in December after accepting a plea deal. While Gunna’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, continues to defend his client by saying Gunna did not snitch, others within the industry are not buying it. Footage of Gunna accepting his plea deal recorded by someone in court, did not help either.

In a recent interview on VLAD TV, Tony Yayo tend to agree. “When people see that on camera, I think that was the major blow,” said Yayo in the 6 minute clip. “Even if he didn’t tell, that video was damaging, cause what was being said. Yes ma’am, yes ma’am, motherf****** have a field day with that.”


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