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Meek Mill And Tory Lanez Get Into Heated Instagram Conversation

Meek Mill has become the very first rapper to win the “Nelson Mandela humanitarian award.”

The Philly rappers work as it pertains to criminal justice reform has not gone unnoticed. Meek to his Instagram account Thursday afternoon showcasing his award along with his Dream Chasers chain. In the caption Meek Mill wrote the following:

“Blessings.. I got “the Nelson Mandela humanitarian award” Thankyou Rip to the great Nelson Mandela,”

Meek Mill, Instagram
Meek Mill And Tory Lanez Get Into Heated Instagram Conversation

Many on the gram gave Meek his props as they congratulated the rapper. Slim Thug and Stephen Jackson, Sr. to name a few. But it was one “wierdo” as Meek referred to the individual, who created a brief tension on Instagram. Closing out the caption was Meek Mill as he wrote, “I ain’t grow up playing ball I had a smith & western* because where I’m from it’s very hard to turn 27.”

Tory Lanez decided to drop in the comments section as he attempted to correct what appeared to be an intentionally misspelling “smith & wessen.” This prompted Meek Mill to reply back with, “It’s called ‘meek flow. “Say congrats or something weirdo lol.”

“It wasn’t that deep,” Tory replied back. “Just ain’t want u to look dumb. Congrats tho bozo.” A ticked off Meek Mill wasn’t gonna let that slide as he wrote, “Stand tall Tory. It’s kinda of deep you tryna help me wit my spelling and you know for a fact I don’t f–k wit you right now…”

Peep the full convo below via The Neighborhood Talk IG account.

It appears Meek is part of the long list who have been “black balling” Tory Lanez ever since his situation with Megan The Stallion last summer. But, that hasn’t stopped the rapper as he recently made over a million dollars in less than a minute with his “When Its Dark” E-NFT project. “A fu–ing million copies! I just went fu–ing platinum!” he screamed. “I just sold the equivalent units at $1. Sold a million copies flat and I made a million dollars in less than a fu–ing minute. Y’all try to hold me back. You can’t fu–ing stop me, my ni–a,” Lanez said on an IG video post Wednesday (August 11) with Cassidy’s “I’m A Hustla” on the background. (Watch: Tory Lanez Claps Back At Cassidy On “When Its Dark” Freestyle)


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