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Marc Bravo Returns To Form On His Groovy New Album, “ALLURE 2.0”

One of the hottest young artists in the DMV music scene, Marc Bravo is back with a deluxe version of his debut AMG album, “Allure”.

Marc Bravo’s ALLURE 2.0 features 16 songs with a stunning 6 brand NEW songs. Inspired by the 2004 dance musical “You Got Served“, Bravo pays tribute with his lead single “Lil Saint”. “When I began writing ‘Lil Saint’, I wanted to encompass my love for “You Got Served”,” Bravo explains. “Growing up, that was one of my favorite movies not only because of the cinematic picture but because the nostalgia, outfits, and aesthetically pleasing culture references. Was one of hip-hop’s best motion pictures in my opinion.”

“The feeling that movie gave me, I wanted to package it into a song that my listeners could relate to! I decided to rap in the nostalgia of the early 200’s era over a bounce beat that I feel would be played in the movie if it was made in 2021.”


“Over the years, I’ve learned music that reflects you is the best music to make. “Allure” is the name of my album which means an unusual masterpiece. I felt connected with the title because it displays how I see myself,” says the 24-year old. “I view myself as unusual because I’m like no one else. I feel that everyone is special in their own individual way if they tap into it. The character “Lil Saint” in the movie did just the opposite and was very influenced but his potential is what made his death in the movie sad. That’s why I thought lil saint would be perfect on the deluxe album. It’s a reminder to stay true to yourself which is why the hook repeats “Why they want to be like me?”

“The music video for the song is dope because it includes the music community I created all doing their own thing! This precisely portrays the actual visualization I had in mind when recording the song. Stay to yourself, and show love. That’s what “Bravo” in my name means, “show love, receive love”. I’ve built a community of creatives which helps artists not only to network on art but to show love and receive love while creating genuine relationships. We’ve even all taken a retreat to do a reality about the artists. I love having supporters that truly align with my music and my spirit. Filming the video for “Lil Saint” was an amazing moment for all of us.”

Stream Allure 2.0 here.

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