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Minding his own business and spending quality time with his daughter, DaBaby was apparently recorded by an unknown individual, but what happens next has everyone confused.

This past weekend DaBaby as he is seen often on social media, had another great time with his daughter, but unfortunately for the Hip Hop artist it didn’t go without negative vibes. As the rapper shared via his Instagram story, he seen driving with his daughter sitting in the back, as an unknown Caucasian starts to record him. Normal? Probably when you’re the celebrity status of someone such as DaBaby.

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But, that was until the man then walks to a police officer and points out DaBaby who is driving by. nothing becomes of the odd moment, but DaBaby who remained cool and collective, narrated the incident.

The 29-year-old rapper was heard by his daughter as he explained what was happening to his 16.9 million Instagram follower. “Daddy I see the police,” Dabay’s daughter is heard saying. “Daddy they not gonna catch us.” Watch the full IG Story video below via @HipHopXXIV.

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