Ludacris’ Chicken Plus Beer Restaurant Comes To LAX

Ludacris has expanded his Chicken plus Beer restaurant to Los Angeles’ LAX, as the entrepreneur says “we’re just getting started.”

In 2016, Ludacris along with CEO Daniel Halpern of Jackmont Hospitality, teamed up to open a Chicken plus Beer restaurant at Gate D5 in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The success of the restaurant has now led them to branch off to another prime location.

This time around, Chicken + Beer restaurant will invade LAX at 300 World Way, Terminal 3. The restaurant led by culinary director and chef Rodd Richards and chef de cuisine Gary Caldwell, will be a part of the new shopping and dining experience.

Ludacris' Chicken Plus Beer Restaurant Comes To LAX
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No grand opening date has been announced yet, but according to What Now Los Angeles, the restaurant has recently applied for a liquor license. A grand opening in time for the holidays would be ideal, but January 2023 appears more realistic given that it takes 1-2 months to obtain such a license.

Regardless of the time frame, for Ludacris, it is worth the wait. The rapper first entered the restaurant business back in 2008. Ludacris joined chef Chris Yeo to open a Singaporean restaurant in Atlanta, GA, called Straits, but unfortunately the restaurant closed four years later.

Luda did not quit, in fact, he became obsessed. “I’ve become obsessed with restaurants,” Ludacris previously told Food & Wine. “It’s the same feeling I had when I started doing movies; you look at them in a different way—at the direction, at how the screenplay flows. Now I pay much closer attention when I go out to eat, to the service and the ambiance and the food.”

Returning to the business in 2016, Luda named his new venture after his 2003 album “Chicken + Beer.” The rapper recently shared a caption on IG stating, “we’re just getting started.”


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