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Listen To Rory’s Debut Single “I Want You But You’ll Never Know…”

After teasing on his platforms over the past few months, Rory has released his hotly anticipated debut single, “I WANT YOU BUT YOU’LL NEVER KNOW…”

A stunning alt-soul cut featuring brilliant contributions from Shelley FKA DRAM and Alex Isley, the track is an attention -grabbing entry point for Rory, who has spent the past 3 years carefully curating his debut project.

Hand selecting and writing/ producing alongside artists that Rory has supported on his successful podcasts over the past years, the project serves as a full circle moment. Take a listen to the track HERE.

Listen To Rory Debut Single "I Want You But You'll Never Know..."

Rory is formerly of the Joe Budden Podcast and now the co-host of one of the most popular podcasts in the world, New Rory & MAL, with millions of listeners per month. Rory’s involvement with Avant Garden and management of Emotional Oranges made the partnership with Avant Garden a natural fit.

Just take a breather sometimes
‘Cause I want it
But can’t have it
You swear I stay acting
Just believe me sometimes
I’m really gonna call you
Just gotta stay patient, don’t argue
I’m saying anything
Girl as soon as I touch down
I’m touching you and only you
But whenever I gotta go
You make it so uncomfortable

– Shelley FKA Dram (


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