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Lil Tjay “Unfortunate” Reason For In And Out Of Prison Again

Weeks after he was arrested in New York on his way to a video shoot, Lil Tjay found himself behind bars once again, accidently.

After reports circulated the internet of another arrest linked to Lil Tjay and a firearm, the rapper’s attorney provided clarification. In a statement released to AllHipHop, Tjay’s attorney Dawn Florio calls the recent arrest “unfortunate” and not the rapper’s fault.


“Lil Tjay was not rearrested for another gun charge,” Florio told AllHipHop. “He was excused from appearing in court last Friday by the arraignment judge. Another judge revoked his bond and put him back in jail for missing court on Friday even though he was told by the first judge that he did not have [to] appear.”

The mishap resulted in the rapper having to post bail for a second time as he awaits his trial which is set for February 14.

Shortly after posting bail, Lil Tjay, just as he did after his first arrest, the rapper promoted his new song and video. The new release “Cluthin My Strap,” has the Bronx native rapping about his previous shooting which left him hospitalized back in summer of 2022.

The music video also features footage of his NYC arrest two weeks, as the 21-year-old touches on trust issues when it comes to the streets and plans of never going back to his life prior to the success.


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