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Lil Tjay Releases “Clutchin My Strap” MV After Posting $90K Bail

Lil Tjay is home on bail and has released a new music video for “Clutchin My Strap,” which includes footage of his recent Bronx arrest.

It doesn’t appear that Lil Tjay has lost a step. Immediately after his release on a $90K bond, the New York rapper ceased the opportunity to release a new music video. Entitled “Clutchin My Strap,” the Bronx native raps about his previous shooting which left him hospitalized back in summer of 2022.

The 21-year-old touches on trust issues when it comes to the streets and plans of never going back to his life prior to the success.

Lil Tjay
Lil Tjay (YouTube)

“Hunger in my body, I got pain in my blood
Nothin’ average ’bout me, I done got it out the mud
Really I’m a young thug runnin’ off some drugs
Millies in my bank account, so I done made it flood
Of course, I won’t never go back
Old life, that was so whack
Still gotta move tact
Got PTSD, clutchin’ my strap,” raps Tjay on Clutchin My Strap

The rapper was arrested back on Monday (January 16) on his way to shoot a music video for his feature spot on Ice Spice’s “Gangsta Boo.” According to reports Police approached the SUV at 183rd Street and Ryer Avenue shortly after 4 p.m. because it was idling in a no-standing zone.

Tjay was held in custody longer than anticipated. “He didn’t get out because the judge wouldn’t [take time] to sign or look at the bond,” defense lawyer Dawn Florio said. “It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Ice Spice and Lil Tjay are expected to resume the video shoot in the near future.


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