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Lil Gotit Slams Akademiks For YSL Civil War Narrative

Lil Gotit clears the air as he addresses Akademiks live stream where he called YSL ongoing issues a “Civil War.”

Lil Keed’s brother, Lil Gotit, attempted to clear any misunderstanding with his recent posts which appeared to be aimed at Gunna. In a recent video, Gotit says he is done talking and puts an end to Akademiks claiming YSL is currently involved in a “Civil War.”

“This ain’t no civil war. This ain’t none of that capping. I don’t know what the f*** Akademiks got going on,” Gotit said in the video also shared by Akademiks. “I’m talking about anything that has to do with Keed. If I know its fake love of you saying his name, I’m a say something.”

Lil Got It

Gotit is referring to Akademiks live stream Wednesday night (January 11), when the Big Ak headlined his stream about YSL’s ongoing division as a “Civil War.” Since then Ak has uploaded a clip of the live stream with a new title, “YSL in shambles!”

It all started when Gunna on Tuesday night (January 10) shared his first post since his release from prison after accepting a plea deal. Gunna who has been highly criticized and ridiculed for not only accepting a plea deal, but saying YSL as a gang must end. Video of Gunna accepting the terms of the plea deal did not help with the public perception and many quickly called the ‘Pushin P’ rapper a snitch.

Gunna’s post had everyone chiming it. Whether it was Tekashi 69, or others unfollowing the rapper such as Young Thug’s sister HiDoraah. Lil Gotit also appeared to throw shade at Gunna, after he tweeted, “R.I.P KEED ILY & IMY TWIN 😢🕊️.”

Judging from Lil Gotit’s video post, it did appear his “Don’t call me twin” caption on his IG Story after Gunna’s tweet, was indeed in response to Gunna.

“This go for anybody. I said that s*** in general. Don’t say bro name if you know it’s fake love and you wasn’t f***** with him when he was here,” added Lil Gotit stating he only cares about his money and not entertaining anything else. “I’m doing what I’m doing everyday. I take care of my family. I’m blessed.”

As of late, Lil Gotit has been heavily honoring his late brother Lil Keed throughout his IG Stories. “I truly miss you kid,” he wrote on one post, while sporting a Lil Keed on a cross t-shirt posing like Jesus on the next.

BSlime and Lil Gotit are set to perform at a YSL event on January 12 in Los Angeles. Special guests are set to appear. Stayed locked with Hip Hop XXIV for coverage.


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