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Lil Blurry Is Back With New Single And Video For “Trackhawk”

Lil Blurry has been quiet the last few months, with only releasing one official song in July. Luckily for fans of the LA superstar, Lil Blurry’s newest song “Trackhawk” was worth the wait.

California native Lil Blurry is poised to be one of the greatest gifts to music. At 15-years-old Lil Blurry might be the youngest rapper to come out of the Bay Area, but his tunnel vision is blurred in the best way possible. At only three years old, the musical prodigy was singing, playing, drums and the keyboard and, by the time he was 10 years of age, Lil Blurry was prepping for the release of his very first single as a solo artist under the moniker of Icy Aidan.

After releasing his first song on SoundCloud at the age of 12, Lil Blurry began to see his career take off which led to signing to Lil Boosie’s label, Bad Azz Music Syndicate.  Under the tutelage of his mentor Lil Boosie, Lil Blurry teamed up music mogul and legend, DJ Khaled on their hit single, “Important.” The single which features production assist My Guy Mars and now has over 2 million streams on all platforms.

“There’s a lot of unexpected things in it. The beat drops and vocal stutters that carry throughout the song I feel are unique, I’m excited for my fans to hear this one because it’s different and I feel like its something that hasn’t been done before with someone who sounds like me”.

– Lil Blurry.

Lil Blurry followed up his impressive start to 2020 by releasing “In My Head” and “Can’t Complain”, both of which have over 100,000 streams on Spotify.

Presenting a sonically impressive variation from the norm, Lil Blurry has plans to revolutionize the game while unapologetically emphasizing the importance of individuality, and on “Important” he does just that. As he raps “Yeah, yeah, yeah, they doubted on my name, now I’m in that new Bugatti and you know I’m switching lanes”, it’s evident that Lil Blurry has no plans to pay the haters any mind. With a signature of approval from two of the most prominent musicians in hip hop, he’s setting the stage for a career that will be nothing short of amazing.

Stream “Trackhawk” on all platforms here.


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