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Kurupt, Adam22 Talk Comparing Tupac And XXXTentacion

No Jumper’s host Adam22 comparing Tupac and XXXTentacion when interviewing Kurupt almost turned into a viral moment.

Adam22 reflected on the time he compared XXXTentacion to Tupac Shakur during an episode on his podcast. Adam22 had a personal relationship with XXXTentacion, who passed away in 2018 at the age of twenty and after making the comparison Adam22 quickly trended to the point where TMZ contacted him for an interview.

Interviewed by VLAD TV in 2019, Adam22 gave his explanation for the Tupac and XXXTentacion comparison. “Whatever Pac was to his generation, X is that to a large percent of kids out there,” said the No Jumper host.

When asked about XXXTentacion or any rapper being compared to Tupac, Kurupt explained why he feels its not possible. “The struggle Tupac went through, to compare somebody to Tupac is kinda disrespectful. They ain’t been through that struggle. They ain’t do what he had to do to make it. It’s bigger than rap. To say that, is like to say a boxer is the Muhammad Ali of his time, it’s impossible,” Kurupt explains during his interview on No Jumper.

Tupac and XXXTentacion Comparison Becomes Heated A Conversation

To Kurupt’s point, host Adam22 has never met Tupac Shakur before to even make such a comparison to XXXTentacion. Adam22 argument is that of the emotional connection Tupac and XXXTentacion had with their fans. But, Kurupt wasn’t buying it. “You don’t even know cuz. Don’t say somebody is like somebody you don’t know. You ain’t been around cuz,” Kurupt said.

Kurupt on the other hand actually met Tupac and was his label mate at Death Row records. On various interviews Kurupt has always spoken about Tupac’s impact on Death Row and how his work ethic rubbed off on the entire roster.

Back in 2019 Kurupt appeared on the D.L. Hughley Show where he spoke about Tupac feeling artists on Death Row were wasting time. “Tupac taught us, cause he felt that we was wasting studio time. We be in the studio smoking, chilling and out of a day we would do one record,” Kurupt explains. “And, Tupac was offended. He be like, ‘What are ya’ll doing?’ and he would knock out like seven records. We over here with one record for an entire day. Pac stepped our recording game up. He stepped up our entire process.”

Watch the full interview with Kurupt on No Jumper here.


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