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Kanye West And Tupac On Charlamagne’s Most Influential Rappers List

On a recent episode on the Brilliant Idiots YouTube channel, Charlamagne Tha God picked his four most influential rappers of all time, which included Kanye West and Tupac Shakur.

Whenever it comes to any top 5 lists, hip-hop “Mount Rushmore” list, or who had a greater influence on the genre, it will always create heated debates. Although there is no definitive answer when it comes to these lists, some are more eye opening than others.

Charlamagne has recently been entertaining these debates. Along with Mouse Jones and Nyla Symone (Hosts of The What podcast), Uncle Charla debated Jay-Z’s best guest verse of all time. Hov’s feature verse on ‘What It Feels Like’ and his most recent on DJ Khaled’s “GOD DID,” were discussed. Quickly the conversation shifted to the most influential rappers of all time. Jay-Z, a favorite of Charlamagne, also made his list, along with Lil Wayne.

Kanye West And Tupac On Charlamagne's Most Influential Rappers List
Charlamagne (Brilliant Idiots/YouTube)

“I’m not going to say the order number, but there’s four: Kanye West, Jay, Tupac and Lil’ Wayne,” Charlamagne said. “The four most influential rappers of all time.”

Nyla Symone interjected and threw Chief Keef’s name into the mix. Charlamagne acknowledging Keef’s influence in today’s “Drill” sound and opening the door for new Chicago artists, Charla does not feel Keef’s influence is world wide.

 “No, you know why I don’t put Chief Keef in there? Because Chief Keef didn’t influence the world, he influenced a sound of a region. Those four people I named literally influenced people all over the world.”

This wouldn’t be the first time a list curated by CTHAGOD went viral. Back in August, Charlamagne’s appearance on Impaulsive podcast also made its way all over social media when he named his top 5 greatest of all time list. A list that did not include Tupac. “If I did an objective list, ‘Pac would be on it,” Charlamagne explained. “My personal top five and top 7, yes that’s my list.”

Charlamagne is referring to his 2018 top 5 list. Co-host of The Breakfast Club, CTHAGOD had listed Ghostface Killah as number one, Jay-Z at number two, followed by Nas, Scarface and Killer Mike. Young Jeezy and T.I. received honorable mentions. (View: Tupac Not On Charlamagne Top 5, Calls Tupac The Ultimate Heel)


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