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Juelz Santana: Where’s The Dipset Songs Produced By Dr. Dre

Juelz Santana on VLAD TV talks about the rumored Dipset records produced by Dr. Dre and wonders where the songs are.

After reuniting in 2010 and making their return with the song “Salute” produced by Arab Muzik, Dipset appeared to be heading in the right direction as a group. The group had previously broken up due to various reasons which include the beef between 50 Cent and Cam’ron. With all issues put to rest, the Harlem group was ready to shake the industry once again, this time with rumors of signing to Interscope and collaboration with Dr. Dre.

“As far as the Dr. Dre s***, that was just a conversation that was happening. We did get in the studio with Dr. Dre and we did record a couple of records,” said Juelz, curious to know what ever happened to those records. “It’s Dr. Dre, so who am I to say. Dr. Dre got a record of yours that he ain’t put out, just be happy.”

Juelz Santana (VLAD TV/YouTube)

One word can describe those recording sessions with the legendary producer, intense. “He was a super perfectionist. He told me to do like two things over, but that session, I’m not gonna get into it. I’m a let other people tell their story with Dr. Dre, but it was intense. Dre wants you to do things right. Dre will keep you in there. But when you see him get in the booth, he’s implying the same thing he wants you to do onto himself.”

This wouldn’t be the first time an artist talked about “intense” recording sessions with Dr. Dre. Ras Kass who worked with Dre in the past, can testify to Dre giving artists a hard time in the studio.

“What I did learn from Dre was in that moment in the studio and creation, it’s not about you, it’s about what’s best for the song,” said Ras Kass who recalled being in “brutal” recording sessions with Dr. Dre and other artists in an interview with Hip Hop XXIV. “He knows people’s voices and he’s trying to coach the best out of them.” (Watch: Ras Kass Talks Dr Dre Being A Perfectionist In Studio And “Brutal” To Artists)

Another opportunity that fell through, was Juelz Santana’s collab album with Lil Wayne. The two artists had recorded a ton of music together, but was never able to release the project due to “politics” as explained by Santana on VLAD TV.

“A project worth got leaked. So about 20 records did get leaked. Which is the ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ mixtape,” said Santana. “The game was just like… you had Def Jam, Universal, Cash Money, Diplomats. You had four entities that had to come to agreement and push the project.”

Santana did get the opportunity to appear on Wayne’s “Carter 3” album as he and Fabolous were featured on “You Ain’t Got Nuthin’.”


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