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Juelz Santana On 6ix9ine: We All Know What We Signed Up For

Appearing on VLAD TV, was Dipset’s Juelz Santana where the Harlem rapper gave his thoughts on 6ix9ine taking the stand against Nine Trey.

At one point Tekashi 69 was on the rise and making serious noise within the music industry. Although many of his antics were unpopular with top stars and execs, the Brooklyn rapper had everyone pay attention.

Unfortunately for Tekashi 69, Shottie and Nine Trey, the success came to a halt. It’s been two years since Tekasshi was sentenced to two years in prison. Prior to the judgment, Tekashi had done 13 months locked up, but was given time served and credit for pleading guilty and helping prosecutors send several of his former gang associates in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods to prison. Initially Tekashi was facing 32 years following charges of armed robbery and murder conspiracy

Tekashi 69

Many blamed both Tekashi 69 and Nine Trey for the outcome. For Juelz Santana, everyone involved knew what they signed up for. “We all know what we signed up for and I’m a leave it at that. We all know what we signed up for,” said Santana. “And however it plays out, it plays out. Some people get the shi**y end of the stick, some people don’t. Some get worse situations than others, but it’s all part of what we signed up and we can’t complain or we can’t be mad or try to figure out how the outcome became the outcome for us.”

“It just is what it is. It’s inevitable. So, understand when you’re playing in a certain field at a certain level the things that can happen and the situations you can put yourself in,” Santana added.

Since his release, Tekashi 69 has toned down his antics and trolling. He has not focused on his music career as many had anticipated, but appears to be making a comeback soon. Tekashi recently returned home to New York and announced new music was on the way. “Tranna get used to being back home .. music coming soon lolzZz RawrxD :-p xoxo,” he captioned his IG post on Wednesday (November 16). (View: 6ix9ine Says New Music OTW, Returns Home To New York)


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