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Jonathan Scales Fourchestra Drops 8th Studio Album “RE-POTTED”

Jonathan Scales Fourchestra has released their eighth studio album, RE-POTTED mixed and mastered by Daniel Shearin and long-time mastering engineer Doctor Millice.

This conceptual release delves into the idea of moving to a broader and more demanding setting to foster personal growth, symbolizing the act of uprooting and replanting. The ensemble features composer/steel pannist Jonathan Scales, E’Lon JD on bass, and Maison Guidry on drums. RE-POTTED is the follow up to the group’s acclaimed PILLAR (2018), which was featured in the band’s 2020 Tiny Desk performance.

Album production started soon after Scales moved to New York from North Carolina, just months before the pandemic halted traditional live music events. Despite the pandemic’s impact, Jonathan creatively harnessed New York’s vibrant artistic energy, collaborating with numerous talented musicians from the city to realize his vision for RE-POTTED.

Spanning ten tracks, the album guides listeners through dynamic, cinematic soundscapes, alternating between energy, reflection, and opulent orchestration. Soaring strings and horn bursts enrich the experience. Emerging from life changes and urban influence, RE-POTTED is a 37-minute instrumental narrative evolved over four years.

“Wow…yeah, I’m overwhelmed and feeling fulfilled. A lot of folks showed a lot of love to @jonathanscalesfourchestra for the release of our new album RE-POTTED. The whole squad put a lot of work into bringing this music to life. Shout-out to my long-time recording/mixing engineer @danielshearin & my long-time mastering engineer @doctormillice . Artwork by @adamlashimself who also does the opening/closing verses (and also plays piano on the intro…multitalented!). Appreciate all the ears out there digging into this new music. 🥹🫀🎧🚀✨”

– IG/Jonathan Scales Fourchestra 


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