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Jim Jones “Vogues” and “Milly Rocks” When Asked About 6ix9ine

Will Tekashi 69 respond back to Jim Jones TMZ interview??

There is clearly no love lost between Jim Jones and 6ix9ine, as the Harlem rapper was recently asked about the LA Fitness incident.

TMZ is always quick to get a response on any trending topic. On Monday (March 27) was no different when they caught up with Jim Jones.

The media giant asked the Dipset rapper about Tekashi 69’s recent incident at LA Fitness that left the Brooklyn rapper hospitalized. Jones, clearly holding back comments concerning 6ix9ine, resorted to a couple of dance moves that included “voguing” and milly rocking” for the camera.

Jim Jones' "Vogues" and "Milly Rocks" When Asked About 6ix9ine
Jim Jones (TMZ)

Back on March 21st, Tekashi 69 was in South Florida’s LA Fitness where the rapper was assaulted by multiple individuals.

“Gotta be sturdy out here, you heard? You gotta move tactical out here,” Jones said, keeping his response as light as possible. “I don’t know, maybe it was the wrong type of gym.”

6ix9ine and Jones beef goes back to Tekashi’s assault back in 2018. Back in 2021, 6ix9ine called Jones a snitch questioning why Jones never did time behind bars despite being part of a recorded phone conversation where the rapper is heard plotting to hurt 6ix9ine. Aside from the wiretap conversation, Jones allegedly has gun charges that are rumored to have been dismissed. Wack 100 also questioned Jones during his own IG live video post.

Jim Jones would also jump on Clubhouse at the time and responded back to both 6ix9ine and Wack 100. “I stand tall for everything I believe in. I always have. No matter what,” said Jones. The Harlem rapper also stated he was on another level and helping his people was his main priority. “Them ni–as can’t do nothing in front of me.” View: Jim Jones To 69, Wack 100: Everybody A Tough Guy On Clubhouse


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