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Jim Jones To 69, Wack 100: Everybody A Tough Guy On Clubhouse

Jim Jones appeared on Clubhouse where he responded back to Wack 100 and Tekashi 69 who insinuated the Harlem rapper cooperating with law enforcement.

On August 5th, Tekashi and Wack 100 appeared on Clubhouse where 6ix9ine called out Jim Jones and labeled the Harlem rapper a snitch. Tekashi’s reasoning is due to the fact Jim Jones never did time behind bars despite being part of a recorded phone conversation where the rapper is heard plotting to hurt 6ix9ine. Aside from the wiretap conversation, Jones allegedly has gun charges that are rumored to have been dismissed.

Jones became aware of the Clubhouse session and got on the phone with Mel Matrix who is currently doing time part of the Nine Trey take down. On the call from prison, Mel would go on to diss Wack 100. This prompted Wack 100 to respond back on Instagram with a five minute video post. (Watch: Jim Jones A Snitch? Wack 100 Responds Back!)

According to Jim Jones he is not concerning himself with Wack 100 and Tekashi 69. “I stand tall for everything I believe in. I always have. No matter what,” said Jones. The Harlem rapper also stated he was on under level and helping his people was his main priority.

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Jones is also not worried about Wack 100 as he stated on Clubhouse. “Them ni–as can’t do nothing in front of me,” Jim Jones stated. “This is Clubhouse Trav. Everybody a tough guy on Clubhouse. I’m not with anything of that. I don’t care about Clubhouse.”

Still Jones did not addresses what Wack 100 and Tekashi 69 questioned as to why Jones never did time for orchestrating a hit on Tekashi 69 and how his alleged forearms case disappeared. “Everybody out there you be good, stay positive. Get to your bad. Don’t let nobody trick you out your position,” Jones said closing out his Clubhouse appearance.

Listen to Jim Jones address Wack 100 and Tekashi below.


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