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Jay-Z’s Joe Budden 250K Fee Contradicts Hov’s Free Verse Claim

It appears Joe Budden did not fall into the “no charging for verses” rule as he reveals Jay-Z’s $250K price tag on the 2009 “Pump It Up” remix.

The largely publicized interview on Kevin Hart’s Hart to Heart show, had Jay-Z confess his price tag for appearing on other artists music. According to the rap icon, money isn’t the motivator. “It’s mostly relationships. It’s actually always been mostly relationships,” Jay-Z revealed around the 19:55-mark of the Peacock exclusive interview. “Sometimes it’s talent and sometimes someone asks me to be on something. Pretty much every song that I’m on I’m asked to be on. I don’t ask people to be on their songs. I never charge.”

This mindset appears to have worked. Over the years Hov has been able to build strong relationships that has contributed to his success and net worth of over a $1 Billion dollars. Those hoping to take advantage of the “free” verse, will not find it easy as Hov features don’t come often. “Way more nos than yeses,” Jay said.

Jay-Z's Joe Budden 250K Fee Contradicts Hov's Free Verse Claim
Joe Budden (Pump It Up music video)

Fortunately for Joe Budden, he was one of those “yeses” in 2009. Looking for a feature for his “Pump It Up” remix, Budden’s team reached out to Hov. Although Jay agreed to the feature, but it did come with a cost. $250K to be exact.

“I don’t think that was a big number, I think that was his number,” Budden explained on a recent episode of the FlipDaScript podcast. “‘That’s my number to rap on this new artist’s remix.’ It was just big in my world, but it wasn’t a big number.”

The single was a huge success for the young artist, Joe Budden. Following the hit remix came Budden’s debut album “Joe Budden” which peaked at number 8 on the Billboard 200. Budden is forever appreciative despite the price tag on the Jay feature.

“Worry I’m not the Mike Jordan of the mic recording
It’s Hovi baby you Kobe, maybe Tracy McGrady
Matter fact you a Harold Miner, J.R. Rider
Washed up on marijuana
Even worse, you a Pervis Ellis
You worthless fella
You ain’t no athlete, you Shawn Bradley”

– Jay-Z on ‘Pump It Up’ remix

“I didn’t know anything about the business and how things like that are supposed to go. That was par the course…It was big to me because it was unattainable… but the blessing was that he gave a number,” Budden said.


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