Jamala Lesane Releases Inspiring “Mommy, I Think I Have Diabetes”

First cousin to legendary hip hop artist Tupac Shakur, Jamala Lesane releases Mommy, I Think I Have Diabetes: A Wise Girl Story, providing a teachable moment to readers of all ages.

Mommy, I Think I Have Diabetes: A Wise Girl Story is the authentic story of Imani – a young, wise, Black girl – who diagnoses herself with Type 1 diabetes, experiencing an uphill battle to be heard, and leading the way for her mother, her grandparents, and even her doctor to learn about growing up with diabetes. Once Imani learned about the signs, and started to feel dryness in her mouth, the urge to urinate, this little Black girl decided to act against all odds. (Buy now on Amazon)

Mommy, I Think I Have Diabetes has a simple mission: It teaches us to listen and trust our youngest voices, offering them the power to lead us. For author Jamala Lesane, it was a story that needed to be told. “My daughter diagnosed her with diabetes in 2004. I started writing a couple of years after that. Timing is everything. I knew it was a story that needed to be told,” said Jamala exclusively to Hip Hop XXIV. Fast forward to 2023, Imani is now an incredible chef who provides tasty and healthy meals from Atlanta to New York to L.A.

Jamala Lesane Releases Inspiring "Mommy, I Think I Have Diabetes"

Adults and kids in every walk of life can find teachable moments in this story – and can encourage our youngest family members to speak up and lead the way, to empower little girls with Type 1 diabetes to learn, lead, and teach their own families.

Along with those teachable moments in Mommy, I Think I Have Diabetes: A Wise Girl Story, Jamala, an activist for health and wellness, also believes there are many key factors that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Some of which include: keeping all doctor appointments, exercising, changing eating habits, asking questions, listening to your body, and trusting your instincts.

Jamala writes from her family experience including a retired NYC Transit worker, administrators, lifelong nurturers, political freedom fighters, recovering addicts, former inmates, and the greatest rapper of all time, Tupac Shakur. Jamala knows firsthand that when we listen, we can guide our children to observe their bodies and pay attention to their own needs for a lifetime of healthcare literacy.

With this first book release, Jamala is already gearing up for part two. “There is a part 2 of the ‘Mommy, I think I have Diabetes.’ Also, expect a series of true stories I will share based on Health awareness,” Jamal said. (Buy now on Amazon)


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