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Ja Rule Talks Difference Between His “Struggle Songs” To Tupac’s Songs

Ja Rule recently spoke with Willie D on Geto Boys Reloaded podcast where he compared his music to Tupac’s music.

Ja Rule has always shown love to Tupac Shakur. Some fans have embraced it, others have said the former Murder Inc artist was copying the hip hop icon. Music fans first look at Ja Rule on a main stream level came during his feature on Jay-Z’s “Can I Get A.” In the music video, Ja Rule was seen wearing a bandana over his bald head and shirtless. Fans were quick to call him a cheap imitation of Tupac Shakur.

Of course that wasn’t the case as Ja Rule become a successful artist and at the time perhaps was the Drake of the 2000s such as Fat Joe had suggested. (Watch: Ja Rule’s Tupac Tribute Reminds Fans The Time Suge Knight Cried) Ja Rule created his own lane, but as he revealed on Geto Boys Reloaded podcast, he also was held back by his label.

“There were so many songs that I wanted to make singles. That I felt would have put me in a different heart and space of the people. Along with those female records. But at the time when I was doing what I was doing, it was first single second single hopefully third single on to the next album. You didn’t get to do like how artists get to do so many records off their albums today,” Ja Rule said.

Willie D agreed with the comparison to Ja Rule and Tupac, but stated the difference was the radio played Tupac’s struggle songs, unlike Ja Rule’s struggle songs. “What happens sometimes with artists like myself that the labels figure out this guy’s capable of making really big records, they want you to make those records,” Ja rule explained.


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