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Ja Morant Is Nike Basketball’s First Gen Z Signature Athlete

As the biggest champion of the sport, Nike Basketball is excited to introduce the newest star to its signature roster: Ja Morant. 

Morant is Nike Basketball’s first Gen Z signature athlete. His bold, fearless style of play represents the evolution of the game and ignites a spark in modern basketball culture. Morant sets an example for Gen Z athletes everywhere as a leader who creates the future of the sport through his creativity, authenticity and style. 

“NIKE, Inc. is honored to partner with Ja Morant to serve the future of athletes and sport,” says Scott Munson, Nike VP, Global Men’s Basketball. “Morant, Nike Basketball’s first Gen Z signature athlete, is a revolutionary player who quickly became a global star with his unmatched athleticism and exciting style of play. His authentic personality, deep love for his community and family and joy for the game make him very special — on and off the court. We are thrilled to add Morant to our signature roster and can’t wait for everyone to learn more about his first shoe, the Nike Ja 1.”

Ja Morant Nike Ja 1
Nike Ja 1 (Nike)

Morant’s signature logo is inspired by his dynamic precision and determined approach to the game. The logo features a stylized “JA” sitting above a chevron, which represents both a directional nod to the verticality, speed and sharpness of Morant’s game, and his ability to rise above all obstacles. When Morant was overlooked and under-recruited in college, his motto, “Beneath No One,” fueled the workouts that helped develop him into a player that is defining the future of basketball.

“I’ve been working with Nike and the design team for over 2 years to make sure that my shoe fits my game and looks good. I asked them to help me stay quick on the court. To support cuts, jumps, crossovers, and dunks,” said Morant via a statement. “When I look back at my journey, it’s hard to believe how far I’ve come.”

On Christmas Day 2022, Morant debuted his first signature shoe, the Nike Ja 1, when the Memphis Grizzlies took on the Golden State Warriors. The Nike Ja 1 is constructed to keep players in control, maximize hang time, and reduce landing force through lockdown benefits. More details of the shoe will be announced in early 2023.

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