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J. Prince Explains Video Of His Son Walking Pass Takeoff’s Body

J. Prince Sr. appeared on Givin Them The Business podcast where he addressed the negative press his son J. Prince Jr. has received over Takeoff’s death.

As the world of hip hop and loved ones continue to mourn the loss of Takeoff, many appear to question J. Prince Jr. for “abandoning” Takeoff as he laid helplessly. According to Jr. father, J. Prince, many are creating narratives off 3 second clip rather than the full video.

“You know one of the biggest lies that was told — he walked by TakeOff body as if he was heartless and didn’t care,” J. Prince said on Givin Them The Business podcast. “And in reality, Junior, my cousin Michael that’s here with me, they was there with TakeOff from the beginning to the end. Even when they walked by, they took three seconds of an hour and some situation when Mike and Junior was walking by.”

The unfortunate death of Takeoff occurred in Houston, where the Migos rapper was in town celebrating Jas Prince’s birthday last year on Halloween. Although Jas was not with Takeoff and Quavo when the shooting happened, Prince’s other son J. Prince Jr. was.

“He actually went in the restroom to wash blood off his hands [from] when he had reached up under TakeOff head to pick him up and his fingers went in it,” added Prince Sr. during his recent interview.

As for Prince Jr., he is set on putting 2022 behind him as he pushes forward in the new year. “2022 was a year full lessons, blessings, and sorrow. It was a year that I lost people that I loved but yet achieved goals I set to accomplish. I’m not one to question God and why he takes us through what he takes us through in life because I know that he’ll never give us more then we can bare. Regardless of the hardships that you experienced in 2022 just know that 2023 is your year. It’s the year for you to lose bad habits and strengthen good ones. It’s the year for you to prioritize what needs to be prioritized in your life. The year for you to accomplish anything you set your mind to. I wish everyone nothing but happiness and success, 2023 is our year! 🤞🏾”

As many layers stemming from Takeoff’s shooting continue to unravel, the loss of one-third of Migos continues to pain those who loved him. Recently Quavo released the heartfelt song “Without You,” which was also accompanied by a music video.

“Out in the galaxy, up in the stars
Over the universe, it’s bigger than Mars
See you in Heaven, see you in Heaven
When I see you in Heaven, I’ma be with my dawg,”
Quavo on “Without You.”

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