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Ice Cube Says He Turned Down Tupac’s Lucky Role In Poetic Justice

Twenty-eight years ago, Poetic Justice hit theaters and showcased the versatility in Tupac’s acting, but Ice Cube claims the role was originally for him.

In the John Singleton directed film, Tupac plays the role of Lucky who later hooks up with Justice a.k.a. Janet Jackson. During an interview on Big Boy TV, Ice Cube claims he turned down the role after reading the script.

“I turned down the Tupac role in Poetic Justice,” Cube said. “He [John Singleton] never let me see the script. So, when I read it I only had one problem with it and he did not want to change it. So, I didn’t want to do it.”


When asked to explain the reason for turning down such an iconic film, Cube appears to throw shade at Tupac who ended up taking the role instead. “I didn’t think me playing Tupac that I would kick my homeboy out the car for a girl I just met when we got to Oakland. I did not think that was cool,” Cube explains.

“To me, it made the character a sucker to me,” Cube added. “He kicked his homeboy out the car for a chick you just met.” Cube admits it was very tempting to work alongside Janet Jackson, but still he didn’t want to be apart of a movie he didn’t love.

Cube also gave credit to the late John Singleton for being instrumental in his acting career. Watch the full interview here.


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