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Hit Producer Says Irv Gotti Took Credit For DMX’s “What’s My Name”

According to producer Self Service, Irv Gotti lied when he credited himself as a producer on DMX’s “What’s My Name” record.

Although Self Service and Irv Gotti knew each other since they were kids, the hit producer says the former Murder Inc owner took credit for songs he did not produce. Even with many well known producers taking credit for songs they didn’t touch, Self did not appreciate such a move.

“Irv took credit for the “What’s My Name” record. He didn’t do nothing on that beat,” Self revealed. “Back then, Puff did, Irv did it, Jermaine Durpri. Certain ni–as that had the names and everybody thought they was the ni–as, they was just getting beats from other ni–as. they had little ni–as under them — Dre did it.”

Self Service (@superproducerself)

The record became a huge success reaching gold status. Knowing Self’s producing abilities, Irv tried to sign him. A contract which Self’s lawyer did not approve. Self who was already benefiting from DMX’s 1999 hit single, denied the contract.

But how much did Self really benefit from the single. Well according to Self, Irv took his half of the percentage. “50 (percent) goes to the writer and 50 goes to the writer of the music. He took 25,” Self said during his interview with Math Hoffa. “He didn’t do nothing to the beat. And that was twenty years ago. He has been getting 25 percent of my publishing for that record. I still get good checks, cause it sold so many units. He gets the same sh-t as me.”


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