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Hip Hop Remembers Hussein Fatal On 6 Year Anniversary

July 10th marks the day Hip Hop tragically lost Hussein Fatal, member of Tupac Shakur’s legendary Outlawz.

Bruce Washington, also know as Hussein Fatal, lost his life in a car accident in Atlanta on July 10th 2015. Fatal left a legacy behind and was well respected in the Hip Hop community on the mic and as a human being. Making his mark on Tupac’s classic hits along with the Outlawz, Hussein Fatal also proved to be a force on the mic as a solo artist. From his debut album “In The Line Of Fire” to his final album released in 2018 “Legendary Status“.

Young Noble, member of the Outlawz and childhood friend of Hussein Fatal, took to Instagram Saturday morning praising his dear friend, “On this day July 10, 2015 God called home Bruce Washington AKA Hussein Fatal. He was a father, a son and a big brother to myself and many others. 1 of the realest, craziest & funniest dudes you could ever meet in your life. He was the first dude in my neighborhood that really set it off with the rap shit I remember being in the park as a kid and Fatal would freestyle for hours effortlessly and have us all in amazement of how naturally gifted he was. I always looked up to him he was a one of one and he is deeply deeply missed!! I love you big bruh rest well until we meet again King!! 🙏🏾❤🙏🏾”

As stated by Young Noble, Fatal was indeed one of the funniest dudes you could ever meet. Although in the 90s Tupac and the Outlawz was feared in the Hip Hop world, amongst themselves and their loved ones they were all very playful and comedians.

For example, one particular time comes to mind, Tupac and Fatal were in a shop at Melrose Place in California. After seeing a Janet Jackson lookalike, Fatal decided to play a practical joke on Tupac. “We were in this shop and I see this lookalike Janet Jackson. I let her walk by I didn’t say nothing,” Fatal explained during an interview with The Sandbox Radio. Three minutes passed, I’m like ‘Yo I think I just saw Janet Jackson’. Pac turned around like ‘Where? where she go? Why the f— you ain’t tell me where she was at you stupid Motherf—-’. He went and chased this lady down and it was a f—ing lookalike!”

Before his passing, Hussein Fatal was able to complete his autobiography “Journey With An Outlaw“. In the book released in 2019, Fatal goes in depth about his journey from his childhood in Montclair, New Jersey to life as a Hip Hop artist making classic hits with Tupac and the Outlawz.

Hussein Fatal is forever missed and loved by millions of fans worldwide. In an interview with VLAD TV, Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean called Fatal’s lost a “big blow”. “We lost somebody who is a very strong member of our family, E.D.I. says in the interview. “I want him to get his credit as an emcee, cause in my opinion he was the rawest n—a coming from Jersey. He was a solid member of our crew till this day as far really turning your life around. Really going from the bottom and working your way back. Had an excellent relationship with his daughters. He loved his children. His people loved him. He was well loved. So this is a big blow, not only us, but his family and the whole city of Montclair.”


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