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Hailie Talks Touring With Eminem On “Just A Little Shady” Podcast

The newly launched podcast “Just A Little Shady” has Eminem’s daughter Hailie reminiscing on her not so normal childhood.

After months putting together the podcast, Hailie finally dropped the first episode of “Just A Little Shady” on July 15th. Named after her father’s alter ego, the 23-year-old has no problem opening up about her surreal childhood. In fact, Hailie will share childhood memories throughout upcoming episodes of the podcast.

“I want this to be a place where I can share more about my life. Talk about things that I never talked about and just for you guys who have been with me for a long time, get to know me a little better,” Hailie said. Em’s daughter is not alone for the new podcast. Best Friend Brittany Ednie will co-host “Just A Little Shady” podcast.

Hailie (YouTube)

Brittany also shares her own memories of Eminem, as she and Hailie were friends since the days of elementary school. Instantly forming a bond over their shyness and school work, Brittany was able to experience a lifestyle that appeared to be the norm for Hailie.

“Do you remember when back then you were like, ‘Do you want to come on the tour bus?’ And, I was like, ‘What’s a tour bus?’ Someone was with us and they were like, ‘Hailie Jade not everybody knows what a tour bus is,'” Brittany recalls. “Honestly to you, that was somewhat normal.”

Growing up Hailie who attended regular public school had no idea of the lifestyle she was living. “We just had so many normal experiences, so when something like that happened, I’m thinking, ‘Oh, everybody else does this too.’ Not realizing like no this is freaking weird.”

These experiences took the two friends to places such as California and Florida on Eminem’s tour bus. Don’t get twisted, although Eminem was hard at work becoming one of hip hop greatest artists of all time, Hailie and Brittany had a blast. The two recalled going to Disney Land in limo all set up by Hailie’s dad, Eminem.

Watch the full episode below as Hailie and Brittany also talk about fourth of July mishaps, risking my life for a dog, becoming gentleminions, and bandwagoning Stranger Things.


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