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Gunna Spotted Back Outside Riding To 2Pac’s Classic Record

After many wonder what is Gunna’s next move after the fallout from his alleged “snitching,” the rapper was spotted jamming to 2Pac.

Driving down in a black sports car, Gunna was spotted and recorded. The leaked footage comes weeks after Gunna went on Instagram and declared he was back! The post was Gunna’s first since his arrest and release from prison after accepting a plea deal. “N***** acting like they switching to a side But it’s only one side . #YsltheLabel #FreeThug&Yak GUNNA BACC!!!!!,” he wrote.

Since then the Atlanta native has not had a pleasant coming out of jail experience. Gunna was hit with a diss from Lil Durk and various artists such as Lil Baby and Meek Mill pushing that IG unfollow button. Those within the YSL camp also voiced their opinions on Gunna’s accepting a plea deal.


YSL Mondo in a recent interview with Ugly Money Podcast, the founder of YSL did not hold back when answering whether or not Gunna snitched.

“Everybody heard. They got the same ears I got. Unless you deaf or blind. You took a plea saying you the main artist brother. You cap down talking about something and you know this a game. And on top of that you got caught with something and it wasn’t yours. So, who else was it,” explained Mondo who stated he doesn’t think Gunna can come back from taking a plea. “Who doing that? Baby you didn’t have nothing. You’re s*** was gonna get dropped brother. You know that. What the hell, you panicked.”

Gunna has yet to release any music, but judging from the video leaked by a fan, the rapper is doing just fine. In the video it appears 2Pac’s ‘Picture Me Rollin‘ is heard playing from Gunna’s vehicle, which ironically references snitching.

“Picture me rollin’ in my 500 Benz / I got no love for these n*****, there’s no need to be friends / They got me under surveillance, I swear somebody be tellin’,” raps 2Pac on the 1996 record.

Akademiks sharing the video on Friday (February 3) had IG users showing no mercy. “He look like he bout to tell on somebody right damn now,” wrote one user, as another wrote, “He on patrol.” Ak also chimed in asking his 5 millions followers to pray for Gunna, “Gunna was reportedly seen back outside for the first time 👀.. driving around clearing his mind. Pray for Gunna.”


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