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Guapo Lennon Releases New Single “Be Adore” Feat. Wiz Khalifa

Emerging, independent hip-hop artist, Guapo Lennon, features Wiz Khalifa for new single ‘Be Adore.’

Unique, talented, charismatic, versatile: are only a few words that encapsulate Guapo Lennon, however, there is so much more to this multifaceted artist. In today’s times, few new artists are able to be transparent, yet remain true to themselves. Lennon does so in just the right way, combining his talent, passion, and reflections of his life story in perfect unison.

Guapo Lennon embarked upon his musical voyage of artistic discovery as a youngster. Lennon grew up listening to a variety of genres that have played an influential role in shaping his signature sound. He seeks to offer something distinct to his fans by creating and performing unique music that resonates across demographics.

Guapo Lennon Releases New Single "Be Adore" Feat. Wiz Khalifa
Guapo Lennon (Catchrecmedia)

In collaboration with fellow Pittsburgh artist Wiz, they tell the story of every girl wanting to be loved, spoiled, supported, and adored through lustrous, intense lyrics. The explosive chemistry between the two created a lane for a masterpiece to be made.

“She just wanna be adored, she said she’s lonely and horney
I can’t make it right now I’m recording, but I’ll be there at the top of the morning”

Guapo Lennon, ‘Be Adore’

“I ended up having a song that I scrapped, ‘Be Adore.’ I ended up scrapping that song cause I made it and I ain’t know what to put on there. I’m like three songs in, in the studio that night, so I’m burnt out. I’m like Ima come back to that, but I never came back to it,” explained the Pittsburgh native during an interview with Hip Hop XXIV. “One day my producer was playing the song when I stepped out the room for everybody I had in there and everybody f–king with the song, ‘This is hard, you tripping. What you doing with this?”

Still, Lennon was not convinced and shelved the track again. That was until the opportunity to collab with Wiz came up. “I was like Ima send him ‘Be Adore’ and Ima let Wiz rock out on that joint. And he rocked out on that joint, showed some love. He definitely did,” Lennon said.

Stream ‘Be Adore’ here.


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