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Gillie Da Kid’s Instagram Account Is Back, Thanks His Supporters

After days of going back and forth with Wiz Khalifa, launching a new IG; Gillie Da Kid’s Instagram account is back with all 2.7 million followers.

Co-host of the popular Million Dollaz Worth of Game, got back on his original IG account Monday night (April 11).

“Im back baby. First off I want give a shoutout to all the people that contacted me out of love,” Gillie said before thanking many, including Wiz Khalifa’s manager.

Gillie Da Kid's Instagram Account Is Back, Thanks His Supporters

It appears all is water underneath the bridge between Wiz and Gillie. It all started when Gillie made videos suggesting he was not a fan of Wiz constantly posting work out videos in his “draws.”

Wiz appeared to take offense and quickly responded back with, ”Not responsible for your childhood trauma.” As a result, Gillie Da Kid’s Instagram account was removed, which he blamed Wiz.

Denying he had any involvement, Wiz tweeted, “I didn’t get that child’s instagram deleted. I even offered to help him get his page back and he declined. See ya ✌🏾”

But, Gillie was still not convinced. The Philly native, on his newly created IG account, shared a video where he appeared to mock a phone conversation between himself and Wiz. “You hurt my feelings, people were laughing at me and I don’t like to be laughed at. I feel like you were trying to bring down another Black man,” Gillie said as he imitated Wiz.

Shorty after creating a new IG and gaining over 300K followers in less than 48 hours, Gillie Da Kid’s Instagram account is back.


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