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Gene Deal Recalls Suge Knight Posing With Diddy’s Baby Mother And Son

Interviewed by VLAD TV, Gene Deal reflects on the time Suge Knight posed with Diddy’s baby mother and two-year-old son.

Gene Deal who was Diddy’s security guard in the nineties remembers the night he was ready to go home from his duties. But, that was until Diddy was hit with game changing news. “Wolf came and was like, ‘Yo Puff look at this and he had a magazine,” Gene recalls on VLAD TV. “Suge was in the magazine with Misa (Hylton), with his arms around Misa while she had Justin (Combs) in her arm.”

Not only was the photo itself disrespectful, but the caption made matters worst. “The caption said, ‘What the east coast won’t take care of the west coast will’. I saw a vein coming out of that kid’s forehead and the neck and then he was screaming and hollering on the phone.”

According to Gene Deal the photo was the last straw and the point of no return for Diddy. “That photo, what it did was for Puff, it was no coming back from it.” Gene also revealed soon to be president of Death Row East, Eric B, was in New York having a meeting with Biggie hoping to help squash the “east west coast beef.” For Diddy, he did not want any part of a truce meeting.

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Diddy knew “Who Shot Ya?” was great for business, not the streets

Various clips have already been released from the VLAD TV interview with Gene Deal. Biggie Smalls who released “Who Shot Ya?” after Tupac was shot five times at Quad Studios in Times Square. Deal reveals Diddy in fact knew the song would created attention although it was created before Tupac was shot. “Business wise it was great. BIG wasn’t doing that well. BIG’s first 6 months wasn’t that well until he did the song with Craig Mack,” Gene explains. “They knew it wasn’t a good time to put out the record. But, they knew that record would bring on a lot of controversy.”

Indeed it did bring on controversy. The single was released six days after Shakur was sentenced to 1.5 to 4.5 years in prison. This obviously did not sit well with Tupac who used Bad Boy records business tactic as motivation as he waited for his release from prison. Right after his release thanks to Suge Knight and Death Row records, Tupac began his war against Biggie and the Bad Boy camp.


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