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Freeway Explains Why He Dissed Nas During Beef With Jay-Z

During one of hip hop’s most memorable beefs between Nas and Jay-Z, Freeway inserted himself as he took aim at the Queensbridge rapper.

Long time Roc-A-Fella records affiliate, Freeway, asserted himself as one of Philly’s top rappers. Known for his time as a member of rap group State Property, the rapper also released his own debut album entitled Philadelphia Freeway back in 2003. During his rise in the game, Freeway found himself in the midst of a popularized hip hop beef, as he took aim at Nas, a favorite of his growing up.

“I love Nas,” said Freeway. “That was painful for me. When I was a young bull, they use to call me the Philly Nas. I had a song and I had his hook. They love to hear the story how the Thugs live in worry. Ducked down in car seats, heat’s mandatory,” rapped Freeway. “I love Nas, but when it came to riding for the team, I’m riding for the team.”

Freeway Explains Why He Dissed Nas During Beef With Jay-Z
Freeway (VLADTV)

Freeway dissed Nas and Jadakiss on the record “Ya Get Out,” where the Philly rapper said, “Nas is like, a b**** wit the mack to his BELLY / Been dissed like this since MAKAVELLI (2Pac).”

Although Nas did not take aim at Freeway in any of his diss records towards Jay-Z, Freeway felt it was his duty to diss the Queensbridge icon. Not only looking to make a name for himself, Freeway’s loyalty for Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella was on full display. “You got a problem with big homie, you got a problem with all of us.

A beef that started as far as back in 1996, but took on a whole another level when Hov decided diss Nas and Prodigy of Mobb Deep at Hot 97‘s Summer Jam. Added on to the viral moment, Jay-Z released “Takeover” on his 2001 album The Blueprint, a diss record aimed at Nas. The Queens native returned the favor answering back with his own diss record “Ether” on his won 2021 album Stillmatic.

Nearly ten years later, Freeway found himself shocked when he was alerted of Nas following him on Instagram. “I went crazy cause I had a lot of love for Nas,” said Freeway in the four minute clip. The two artists were able to reconcile after chopping it up at the end of a live performance.

“I had a show that night and Nas was leaving out at the same time. So when we got outside I was like, ‘Look Nas. I know I dissed you, but I love your s***. I use to listen to your s*** when I was a young boy.’ He was like, ‘Free I love your s*** too. I ain’t gon’ front. I be listening to your s*** too.’ He gave me a hug and I gave him a hug,” recalled Freeway who was extremely happy to share that moment with Nas.


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