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Freddie Gibbs: I’m The King Of R&B. Clowns R Kelly On Hot 97

Freddie Gibbs appeared on Hot 97 where he and Funkmaster Flexed clowned R Kelly who is currently serving a 30 year sentence.

Prior to releasing his major label debut project $oul $old $eparately, Gibbs appeared on Hot 97 with Funkmaster Flex. In the clip shared on Hot 97’s YouTube channel, Gibbs isn’t talking about the star studded features appearing on the new project, but rather claiming he is the new king of R&B while poking fun at R Kelly.

“I’m the king of R&B,” Gibbs said. “I’ma put something on your books. Don’t worry Kells, I got you. I got you Sylvester. I heard they done f**ked his books up.” Earlier in September, Federal Judge Ann Donnelly ordered the Federal Bureau Of Prisons to turn over $27,828 from Kelly’s prison commissary account. The funds will be used to pay off fines and restitution for the victims.

Freddie Gibbs: I'm The King Of R&B. Clowns R Kelly On Hot 97
Funkmaster Flex (Hot 97)

Gibbs continued to mock Kelly, claiming the artist, if ever released from prison, will come out of jail with a bill. Although Gibbs had no problem saying Kelly is the king of R&B, Gibbs made it very clear he does not support Kelly’s actions.

“I ain’t about to say free you. You ain’t about to get me f**ked up. I got my album coming out. I’m a say we praying for you,” said Gibbs. “I don’t got love for what you did, but you the king of R&B.

Freddie Gibbs also addressed his long heated feud with Akademiks. According to the 40-year-old rapper, he and Ak will soon connect and talk things out. “Akademiks is cool and we’re gonna have a sit down,” Gibbs revealed. “I think if we have a conversation we be cool. I take everything he said and I love it, but you gotta take it when I give it back.”


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