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Find Out Where 50 Cent Moved, Shares Rare Throwback Photo

50 Cent can now call himself a Houston resident after shock move from New York, taking a stance against Biden’s tax plan.

Throughout his career, New York-born rapper 50 Cent made it known that he was proud of his roots. For example, in his 2003 song, “I Can’t”, he raps: “I’m from Southside Jamaica, Queens, n***a ya heard me.” Although the love for his hood might not have changed, some political changes disappointed 50 Cent. On Tuesday, May, 4, the entrepreneur posted a picture on his Instagram stating that he now lives in Houston. The caption read: “I Love NY, but I live in Houston now. I’ll explain later. Swipe left. Green Light Gang. BOOM.”

Many believe that the move to Texas was encouraged by the fact that the state has no income tax. In contrast, top earners in New York will pay a combined tax rate of nearly 52% of their earnings. This news after Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law an increase in April. Unfortunately for 50 Cent, he falls in the top category having gone from street hustler to respected businessman.

50 Cent Feels Biden’s Policies Hurt Entrepreneurship

The rapper reached the top of the music ladder and made a successful transition into acting, directing and producing. The story of 50 Cent career proves that he is the ultimate entrepreneur. He feels Joe Biden’s fiscal policies are an attack on entrepreneurship and against people making legitimate money and succeeding. This issue even drove 50 Cent to say that he would vote to re-elect President Donald Trump. He said: “I don’t care if Trump doesn’t like black people. 62% – are you out of ya f**king mind?”

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50 Cent joins a host of celebrities and businessmen to move to Texas from other areas. These include Tesla founder Elon Musk and podcast host Joe Rogan. New York’s loss is Houston’s gain as the news of 50’s move circulated. Houston rap legend Paul Wall certainly looked forward to having a new musical neighbor, promising the former New York resident a modified car. He commented: “I got a slab ready and waiting for u, I’ll drop it off for u.”

Throwback Photo Reflecting On Growing Up Fast

Furthermore, the same say as posting about his new residence, 50 Cent shared a juvenile photograph of himself. It shows a young fifteen-year-old, shirtless Curtis Jackson looking mean on the streets of South Side Queens. In the caption, the Hip Hop legend reflected on his mistakes at this time in his life. Living with his grandparents after the murder of his mother, 50 Cent grew up quickly. He wrote: “yo I was 15 in this picture on the South Side you have to grow up faster. I made a lot of mistakes I was already in juvie, I remember my Nana coming to see me, she is my angel. she love me unconditionally.”

Living with his grandparents from a young age, the death of his grandma in 2014 had a significant impact on 50 Cent. Speaking on his grandma he said, “I’ve seen a lot of people pass in the neighborhood. I’ve lost them to motorcycles or altercations or drugs. But none of them impacted like when my grandmother died. She was the love of my life.”


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