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Fat Joe Says Daddy Yankee Disloyalty Was A Big Disappointment

Fat Joe, known for great stories, appeared on The Breakfast Club where he was asked to clarify his beef with Daddy Yankee.

Hate him or love him, Fat Joe has been a part of many historical moments in hip hop history. From his days with Big Pun, to his stories with Tupac and Biggie Smalls, the Bronx icon has stories for days.

Co-host of The Breakfast Club Charlamagne asked Fat Joe to elaborate on one of the recent “Fat Joe stories” he heard involving Daddy Yankee. “I overheard some people talking and they said… Did you help to discover Daddy Yankee or something like that, “ asked cthagod.

Fat Joe did not take credit for discovering Daddy Yankee, but it all started on the very first episode of Drink Champs where Joey Crack spoke about his relationship with Daddy Yankee.

Fat Joe Says Daddy Yankee Disloyalty Was A Big Disappointment
Daddy Yankee (YouTube)

“Daddy Yankee used to be up here in the Bronx and he used to be running down on us like crazy,” Fat Joe explained on The Breakfast Club. “So, he used to be like, ‘Yo you the leader, you the leader.’ He would follow us everywhere.”

“The first time we were in Puerto Rico, he was there every second of the day. This is before Raggaeton blew up,” Joe continued. “So the wild story I told was crazy, I always liked this guy. I always had love for him. When he put out his record and he blew up, the “Gasolina,” I was so happy for him from far away I ain’t seen him. And then “Lean Back” is number one in America, so they’re both coming up.”

Featured on Daddy Yankee’s 2004 album “Barrio Fino,” the hit single “Gasolina,” propelled the Latin artist to superstardom. As stated by Fat Joe, “Lean Back,” 2004’s summer hit dominated the charts and is one of Joe’s biggest hits ever.

Both Latin stars in their respective genres, what would happen next shocked Fat Joe. “I finally got to see him in Madison Square Garden. And when I seen him, I was so happy to finally see him and the man turned around like he never met me in his life,” Joe said. “I was like no way. I can’t believe this guy. I know this guy for ten years, coming to every show we got, everything we did. You know, it was a very big disappointment.”


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