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Fat Joe Names DaBaby “Tupac Of 2021”, DaBaby And E.D.I. Mean Agrees

Appearing on BET‘s Rap City ’21 Special hosted by Big Tigger, Fat Joe declared DaBaby the Tupac of 2021.

“Aight Joe we gon play a game,” Big Tigger said. “We have all these artists and I want you to name the 2021 version of the artist that I give you.” This is without a doubt a tough spot for Fat Joe. Regardless of his answer, the clip was bound to go viral. We can all probably expect Fat joe to explain himself on a future IG Live.

“I should know the Tupac one. I don’t know, it’s hard to be these guys. You be asking some crazy stuff. I would say DaBaby,” Fat Joe said. DaBaby co-signed the comparison as he shared the clip on his official Instagram account. “Agreed.📌but they gone salt that down too Crack🤫,” DaBaby wrote in the video caption.

Fat Joe Names DaBaby "Tupac Of 2021"

Fat Joe received backlash from many fans, who simply can’t see the comparison between Tupac and DaBaby. Shakur a hip hop icon, even before reaching such status, his lyrics was uplifting his community. His political-panther background was quite evident on many of his songs. He was not perfect, but he did paint a picture of reality. Tupac’s range as an artist was endless.

DaBaby an incredible artist in his own right was compared this summer to Ludacris by Lil Duval. Even that comparison drew backlash, but it was more understandable. During that time DaBaby told Billboard on the red carpet, ” I think people use that too lightly. I was inspired by Ludacris’ creativity with his music videos. [I was inspired] by a lot of people. Not only people like Ludacris, but people like Nelly. I mean, everybody.”

Fat Joe Names DaBaby "Tupac Of 2021"

DaBaby knew that Fat Joe comparing him to Tupac was going to cause havoc on social media. “This gone make ni–as slam they iPhone on the floor,” DaBaby wrote on his IG Story with three laughing emoji’s. Other agreed with Fat Joe. Arnold Taylor, Johnny Shipes, K.i.D, and Daud “King” Carter all liked and commented agreeing to the comparison. “Been saying Dis since as beginning!!!,” Carter wrote in the comments. Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean surprisingly also liked the post by DaBaby.


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