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Fat Joe Links With Mutah “Napoleon” Beale In Saudi Arabia

Fat Joe and Napoleon, former member of Tupac’s Outlawz, link in Saudi Arabia.

Fat Joe along with Future, Rick Ross and Busta Rhymes, was in Saudi Arabia for the MDL Beat Sound Storm ’22 in Riyadh. Enjoying his trip overseas, Joey Crack linked with former Outlawz member Napoleon. Fat Joe, dubbed “a real one” by Napoleon, kept his word and chopped it up with the Saudi native.

Back in 2020, Napoleon appeared on The Fat Joe Show, where the two artists reflected on Tupac, Biggie and 90s hip hop. Fat Joe who met both Biggie and Tupac, while sharing the same stage with both of them, at one point showed allegiance to both. Whether it was ensuring Fat Joe’s people took care of Tupac while he was locked up, or linking with Biggie to create a diss album aimed at Shakur.

Fat Joe Links With Mutah "Napoleon" Beale In Saudi Arabia
Fat Joe and Napoleon (@mutahbeale)

“When ‘Pac did “Hit ‘Em Up” and he said anybody in New York that wants it, bring it. So from a street point of view, real street dude that’s in the music industry are gonna reply. And ‘Pac knew that. ‘Pac understands that’s how it comes,” explained Napoleon on TFJS. “When I heard you did the album with Biggie, I told people that’s what he is supposed to do.”

Even after Tupac’s passing, Fat Joe showed love to the Outlawz. In 2001, the Outlawz would make a cameo appearance on Joe’s music video for the hit single “What’s Luv,” featuring Ashanti. “A lot of people run around and they say they have love for Tupac. And if Tupac is explaining on all his classic albums that this is his people and he loves them, we must make an extra effort to support the Outlawz,” said Fat Joe prior to the video shoot.

Fast forward to 2022, as seen on the reels shared by Napoleon, Fat Joe linked with the former Outlawz member at his co-owned Smokey Beards Q restaurant.


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