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Fat Joe’s Biggest Fear Of Releasing “The Book Of Jose”

Days ahead of the big release for his “The Book Of Jose: A Memoir,” Fat Joe appeared on Hot 97 sharing his $100 million deal that never happened.

One of Fat Joe’s inspiration of putting out a book about his life was his fight ensuring hip hop history was told accurately. According to Fat Joe for long he witnessed lies after lies on hip hop documentaries. These lies also led to Joe starting his own IG live show, giving guests an opportunity to share their true stories and at the same time sharing his own with his 5.1 million followers.

“I just thought it was important to let people know you can go through dark times and still have a smile. My life’s a movie, so I really wanted to tell it. The biggest fear of doing this book was people not believing me,” said Fat Joe on hot 97.

Fat Joe (Hot 97/YouTube)

One of those never-before-heard stories, some might not believe, as Joe’s $100 million dollar deal. Fat Joe has been well paid throughout his career, but had never reached the heights in which he was very close to finally obtaining. A deal worth $100 million dollars was presented to Joey Crack.

“I’m flying 10 weeks in a row meeting with these guys. We about to do the next American Idol,” recalled Joe on Ebro in the Morning. “I finally get in the meeting where these guys start talking about how much money I’m going to make. Now I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve always made money, but I’ve never made that money.”

Those meetings were led by Harvey Weinstein. What was said next by the former film producer, shocked Fat Joe. “That man starts talking and he’s like, You know, about a year or two you’re gonna be making $100 million dollars,'” said Joe. “When the man starts saying the numbers I start sinking in my chair. So embarrassing. I start grabbing the bottom of the table. I couldn’t take it in front of all of them.”

After the meeting, Fat Joe was on cloud nine. Unfortunately for Fat Joe, the next morning the deal would fall through. “I’m watching CNN. ‘Breaking news, movie producer Harvey Weinstein is going to jail because of the Me Too….’ So I get on the phone, you know I’m managed by Roc Nation. I’m a say her name even though I really don’t do that. I call Des,” said Joe. Desiree Perez would then confirm to Fat Joe that the deal would no longer happen.

Fat Joe’s “The Book Of Jose: A Memoir” is set for a November 15th release. Pre-order here.


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