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Fashion Nova Is Still Owed $311K In Lawsuit Against Tekashi 69

Even with Tekashi 69 somewhat keeping himself out of the spotlight, his past legal woes are still lingering and could cost the rapper another $311K.

A new report by TMZ, has Fashion Nova still looking for the remaining balance of their $350K lawsuit against Tekashi 69. Fashion Nova and Tekashi previously had a deal in place that goes back to 2018. Part of that deal was a $225,000 advancement to Tekashi, as well as a $2.25 million dollar deal.

Tekashi 6ix9ine would then be arrested two weeks after the deal was complete, which made it difficult for him to hold up his end of the deal. At the time, Fashion Nova was also concerned about Tekashi’s image, as they claimed his “snitching” hurt his image and will affect the deal with Fashion Nova in the long run. Fashion Nova is also claiming that 6ix9ine promised to pay back the $225,000 advance pay, but has yet to do so.

Fashion Nova Is Still Owed $311K In Lawsuit Against Tekashi 69
Tekashi 69 (YouTube)

Two years later in 2020, the clothing company won their suit against Tekashi who was now fresh out of jail. $350K was the judgment total, with $39K paid by Tekashi 69. According to the deal, 69 was not the only party involved. Booking companies and entertainment firms were part of the 2018 deal and according to reports, they have yet to pay their portion of the $350K judgement.

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The remaining $311K could fall on Tekashi 69, but the Brooklyn rapper isn’t too worried. Speaking exclusively with TMZ, 6ix9ine finds the new reports “hilarious.”


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