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Eminem Verzuz 6ix9ine, Charlamagne Picks Tekashi

Charlamagne made a bold statement on a recent episode of The Brilliant Idiots podcast where he stated Eminem is not Verzuz material. CTHAGOD would go as far as stating Eminem would lose to Tekashi 69.

“‘Em gets washed in any Verzuz,” said Charlamagne. “‘Em don’t have the songs like that. ‘Em can rap and we like Eminem as a rapper.” Andrew Schulz co-host of the podcast does not agree and labeled Charlamagne an Eminem hater.

“Not In any Verzuz there are rappers worst than Eminem,” said Schulz. “You think 6ix9ine beats Eminem in a Verzuz?” To which Charlamagne answered with, “Depending on the generation. ‘Em don’t got anything that’s slap like Gummo to these kids.”

Eminem Verzuz 6ix9ine In Verzuz, Charlamagne Picks Tekashi
Charlamagne ( The Brilliant Idiots )

Charlamagne is referring to Tekashi 69’s 2017 hit single. The double platinum “Gummo” peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and took 69’s music career to new heights.

Charlamagne also feels Future and Young Thug “wash” Eminem in a Verzuz. In fact CTHAGOD says he can name twenty rappers that could “wash” Eminem in a Verzuz. Even a non-rapper such as Britney Spears. “Eminem falls into the same category like a Kendrick and I still feel Kendrick can perform better in a Verzuz. ‘Em doesn’t have Verzuz type songs. Imagine watching Verzuz and he plays ‘Stan.'” Speaking of Kendrick, Charlamagne picks the Compton native over Slim Shady 18-2.

Eminem is regarded as one of hip hop greats of all time with his 15 Grammys and 5 number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100.


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