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Eminem Feat. 50 Cent “Is This Love 09” Off “CC2” Has Fans Hyped

Unreleased Eminem featuring 50 Cent “Is This Love 09” produced by Dr. Dre has the fans hyped for the upcoming “Curtain Call 2” release.

Eminem’s “Curtain Call 2” is set for a August 5th release. Along with the standard release on digital streaming platforms, fans have a chance to purchase “Curtain Call 2” on a throwback cassette tape and CD. Also available are t-shirts and bundle box sets celebrating the release.

One particular version of the upcoming “Curtain Call 2” has fans all in a frenzy. As seen on Eminem’s official website, fans will have a chance to purchase a limited edition vinyl of “Curtain Call 2.” The orange vinyl’s are limited to 4 products per customer and are priced at $65 each.

Although the vinyl will not be available until November of 2022, fans can pre-order their copy today. All this information can be found on Eminem’s official website, but what we don’t see on his site are the bonus tracks that come with the vinyl.

Fans pre-ordering the CC2 vinyl via Target.com, can see a photo of the vinyl along with a sticker that confirms the album will arrive with a 50 Cent collab titled “Is This Love (‘09).” The track is reportedly produced by Dr. Dre.

The chemistry between Eminem and 50 Cent, not to mention produced by Dr. Dre, has fans eager to hear the unreleased song. Although fans are hyped for the unreleased track, many wonder if the song is any good given the fact it was never released. Also available on the vinyl is “From Tha D 2 LBC” featuring Snoop Dogg, which is listed as an unreleased track, leaving many to wonder if this will be an alternate version.


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