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EDI Mean Releases “The Hope Dealer 3” And “O.G. 3 La Bella Vita”

Closing out a double trilogy is Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean with “The Hope Dealer 3” and “O.G. 3 La Bella Vita” via O4L Digital.

In a time where the world appears to be in disarray more than ever, E.D.I. Mean provides hope and positive vibes with his two latest projects. Released via his own record label O4L Digital, the rap veteran concludes a journey which he describes as a “sweet one” filled with many challenges.

Ten years ago, EDI decided to focus more on his solo career after years of creating hits and classics along with the Outlawz. Kicking off the new journey was the O.G. Est. 1992 mixtape in which EDI clearly laid out the path and destination for listeners. Since then EDI has not deviated from the meaning and purpose despite the ups and downs over the years. Along with the O.G. series, the self-proclaimed “Hope Dealer” has done just that with The Hope Dealer studio albums. Debuting in 2015, the series also comes to an end with its final installment, THD3.

The Hope Dealer 3 Back Cover

“I did the first #OGest1992 mixtape hosted by @thedjxrated and @therealmikeepps to see if I could do it honestly. Felt good, so I did #THD 1 and 2. #OG2 #classicsinsession was next. I was Kinda bored w rappin and was ready to do something else. I linked w my guy @dough_networkz and with his energy and 👂🏾 and we put that project together,” EDI said on Instagram.

Admittedly the passing of Nipsey Hussle, Kobe Bryant and the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the last chapters of the trilogy’s. “Stayin alive seemed more important than music at that point. I decided to focus on my health which led me to meeting @gone_2_mars and what started in the gym began to manifest in the studio,” wrote EDI.

O.G. 3 Back Cover

Both projects are available on all major streaming platforms and The official website for EDI’s label will continue to evolve featuring talented artists and producers in the near future, with Cronikole from Albuquerque, New Mexico being one of those artists whose recent Tupac inspired EP “Catch Me If You Can” is hosted by the hope dealer himself.

“I am truly grateful to every person that has ever listened to my music. 9 is the number for completion so that’s how many songs are on each. Add up the numbers 6/23/2023 and you get 18=9 Greatness is not only what you’ve done it’s what you do next. See you there,” he added.


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