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Ed Lover To Drake: You’re Making Yourself Look Like A Sucka

Audacy’s radio personality, Ed Lover, recently appeared on VLAD TV where he gave advice to Drake after name-dropping on his latest project.

Any music project Drake releases is pretty much guaranteed to succeed. Who would bet against Drizzy? The OVO star recently surpassed the Beatles as he broke their 55 year old record when he became the only artist with the most top five hits in Billboard Hot 100 history.

So why did Drake on “Her Loss” feel the need to name drop and diss people such as Serena Williams, Kanye West and Megan Thee Stallion to name a few. (View: Megan The Stallion Responds To Drake’s Lyrics On Circo Loco) According to Ed Lover, Drake is entitled to express how he feels.

Ed Lover To Drake: You're Making Yourself Look Like A Sucka
Drake (YouTube)

“If that’s how he feels, he should express it. I think he should express one-hundred percent how he feels about things,” Lover said, referring to Drake explaining why he did a song with his “ops” aka Kanye West.

What Ed Lover flat out cannot support, is Drake dissing women. When it comes to taking a shot at Serena Williams’ husband, Ed Lover says it was “out of line” and a “cheap shot.” Drake’s history with Williams is well known. From Drake’s lyrics hinting of a relationship between the two to Williams and Drake caught kissing in public, there’s no secret something was going on between Drizzy and one of the greatest Tennis players of all time.

The relationship would eventually come to an end, but now in 2022, Drake appears to not be over Williams, which Ed Lover says Drizzy is looking like a “sucka.” “Calling Serena’s husband a groupie, that’s out of line,” said Lover on VLAD TV. “Your relationship with her, whatever it was, was a long time ago. Now you’re making yourself look like a sucker a little bit. You’re still hung up on that, that’s why you’re still talking about that?”

Ed Lover compared Drake’s antics to that of Irv Gotti’s public outbursts over Ashanti. After appearing on Drink Champs and on BET’s Murder Inc documentary, Gotti received backlash from many who claimed Gotti appeared to be obsessed with the former queen of R&B.

Lover also suggested Drake leave Megan Thee Stallion alone. Although not confirmed, but Drake’s lyrics on “Circo Loco” appeared to take a shot at Meg. The Boi-1da and Tay Keith produced record “Circo Loco” has Drake kicking off the song with controversy. As he raps, “This b**** lie ’bout getting shots, but she still a stallion/She don’t even get the joke, but she still smiling,” Twitter and the internet quickly linked the bar to Megan Thee Stallion. Meg was not happy and responded back to Drake with a series of tweets. (Watch: Everyone Who Responded Back To Drake For “Her Loss” Lyrics)


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