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Drake Got His Hands On Rare Rookie Cards Worth Insane Amount

Drake is now the owner of a rare, 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card, as seen on Instagram Live with Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions.

Ken Goldin and Drake on Sunday night (March 27), were seen on IG Live ripping 10 cases of Flawless Basketball, some 1986 Fleer and 2003 Topps Chrome. Drake has 10 boxes of Flawless which each case goes for $46K. At the end it was worth it.

After watching Ken Goldin crack open a pack of cards, it was now Drake’s turn. Before opening a pack, Drake actually switched out his initial pack handed picked by Ken Goldin, and it proved to be the right move.

After going through the pack and naming a few of the basketball players, Drake came across Clark Kellogg. According to Drake, Kellogg was a good sign of things to come and quite possibly he was on the right path. “That’s a good sign,” Drake said on the live. “I know that, because I read about it today.”

It was a good sign. Next up was Gus Williams and then Michael Jordan. Drake immediately stood up in excitement. On his very first pack, Drake lucked out on a 1986 Fleer MJ rookie that could be worth more than $200K.

Drizzy wasn’t done yet. Drake would end the Instagram Live with Drake 6 Jordan’s in total. Three rookie cards and three stickers. If all cards are graded a mint 10, Drake could rack up over a $1 million dollars for all six.

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