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Donatella Versace Talks Tupac Shakur Fashion Show Trip

Donatella Versace has spoken about Tupac making history when he accepted the invitation to walk the runway in Milan.

From the latest street fashion sportswear and sneakers gracing album covers to high-end suits worn at award ceremonies, Hip Hop and fashion are close associates with each other. One particular artist proved that you could rock both looks with precision. Tupac Shakur became friends with fashion designers Karl Kani and Gianni Versace who both gifted his custom made clothing.

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In July 1996, Gianni Versace invited Tupac to model the latest collection at the Versace Fashion Show in Italy. Of course, Tupac obliged and flew to Milan with his then-girlfriend Kidada Jones. Staying in Hotel Principe di Savoia, Tupac would later come down the runway alongside Kidada, dressed in a gold velvet suit from the collection. He also gave a short performance to happy spectators.

Tupac Set The Trend With Versace Show Appearance

In 1997, as a result of her brother Gianni Versace’s murder, Donatella Versace inherited a large part of the luxury fashion company. Recently speaking to HypeBeast, Donatella reminisced about the special connection between Tupac, Hip Hop and fashion. She stated that she always loved the music and recognized the importance of the culture. She said: “I remember when Gianni was alive, it must have been maybe ‘94, or ‘95, and we brought Tupac to Milan. And nobody in fashion was working with Black artists then. Nobody was working with rappers. It was not inclusive, at all. But we had him perform for us during a men’s show.”

Furthermore, many people believe Tupac certainly set the trend in many aspects of life in 1996, including in fashion. When he walked down the Versace runway with Kidada that evening, he became the first rapper to model at a designer fashion show. Acknowledging this fact, Donatella Versace spoke on the artists who followed this trend. She said: “After Tupac, it was Puff Daddy, and Migos, and 2 Chainz, and Skepta, too. It’s been every generation up until now. I didn’t miss one.”


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