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Dominé Brishaw Releases Single “Red Flags” Off Debut EP “Nothing Personal”

Dominé Brishawn, the GRAMMY Award-winning artist, releases her new single “Red Flags,” on the freshly minted imprint OakTownSoul Records. 

After recently winning a GRAMMY with the Fisk Jubilee Singers, Dominé is ready to share her own story with the world. “Red Flags” is the lead single from her debut EP, Nothing Personal, which showcases the diverse sound of the fast-rising singer/songwriter.

Based on Dominé’s true life experiences, “Red Flags” is a song most can relate to. The coined phrase has been either heard or used by many people at some point in time to describe a sort of warning sign a person or a situation brings when something isn’t quite right. The song is inspired by a true story, in which she was so deeply infatuated with someone, that she blatantly ignored all the “red flags” telling her to leave the situation.

Dominé explains, “The overall situation was the epitome of toxic, but also one of my finest moments in growing and understanding my worth. I hope that folks listen to this song and laugh. I hope they reflect on their own times of brief stupidity and cry joyful tears from being delivered from the bounds of young love and toxic genitals. And I hope we all steer clear of red flags for the rest of our lives.”

Dominé Brishaw Releases Single "Red Flags" Off Debut EP "Nothing Personal"

OakTownSoul’s in-house producer Clay Xavier is the mastermind behind the production of “Red Flags.” It’s his live horns and syncopated drum rhythms that help make the song what it is. Dominé adds, “This was actually the first song he and I ever worked on together and we’ve been creating magic ever since.” The top-notch production combined with Dominé’s background vocals and lush harmonies really showcase the power and soul in her voice.

First-generation Nigerian-American and Oakland native Dominé Brishawn is a true talent. She grew up singing in church, and attended Oakland School for the Arts where she became a founding member of the Award-winning acapella group, Vocal Rush. As the Alto Section Leader of the world-renowned Fisk Jubilee Singers, Dominé won her first GRAMMY for “Best Roots Gospel Album” on Celebrating Fisk (The 150th Anniversary Album) in 2021.

Dominé’s artistic vision is characterized by her intricate harmonies, overall vocal production, and ability to tell stories through her lyrics. She wants her listeners to feel and heal from the words she writes, and her vocal melodies. This is showcased in her upcoming EP, Nothing Personal, which is inspired by her own life experiences.

She expresses, “The EP is about my life and all the mistakes made and lessons learned in my early to mid-twenties. This whole project is about relationships and how to navigate them. Every song was based on a real experience, and I realized that sometimes we as people often shy away from how real situations feel; I pretended that the situations I was in weren’t personal when in fact they were, and this project was the healing process to remedy that personal neglect.”

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Her intimate storytelling is combined with a sound motivated by a mix of well-known and indie musical inspirations like Alex Isley, Jazmine Sullivan, Stevie Wonder, Lalah Hathaway, and Kim Burrell. The name Dominé Brishawn may be new to some, but not for long as her new single “Red Flags” is now streaming and the debut EP, Nothing Personal drops on March 4th. Coming out on the powerhouse new indie label OakTownSoul Records, this is a name you will be hearing a lot of in the future!

Stream “Red Flags” here.


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